The benefits of local produce

Freshness. The further food has to travel, the longer it spends in transit.  This means that vitamins are lost and nutritional values inevitably decline.  At HFG we actively encourage our customers to eat their 5 A DAY fruit and vegetables!

Better for the environment. Buying locally produced food reduces CO2 emissions and congestion. Buying direct from the producer reduces the amount of packaging that is required to safely transport food.

Reducing waste.  Lots of the food grown for the supermarkets is rejected because it is the wrong shape, size or colour.  Fruit and vegetables are naturally varied.  At HFG Farm Shops our fruit and vegetables do not ‘conform’ to perfect shapes and sizes.  Who cares if our cauliflowers are not all the same size – its the freshness and taste that matter!

Supporting the local economy. Buying locally produced food helps safeguard local employment: so building a stronger and more prosperous local economy.

Access to food experts. Buying local food creates the opportunity for you to build a relationship with your food producer.  Regularly at HFG Farm Shops, our farmers are often in the shops talking to YOU, our valued customers, about the food we grow.

Better secuity. At a time when our world is such an unstable place, is it really a good idea to rely so heavily on distant countries to supply such a vital commodity?

Keeping the landscape looking beautiful.  Look at the landscape, the knowledge gained over many generations about how to work the land, and look after the wildlife.  When we lose say, an orchard, we don’t just lose the tree, we risk losing the variety – never to be tasted again.  We lose the look of the landscape, we lose jobs.

Keeping in touch with the seasons.  Looking forward to eating delicious fruit and vegetables from our own seasonal calender.

Ensuring high standards.  Do we really know if imported food is produced to the same exacting high standards as it is here?